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International shipping


Each and every week we collect cargoes from Germany using tent trailers. We never enter terminals, so the transportation is always direct. Not only do we offer the best price but we also ensure the shortest delivery time.
This helps to guarantee:
•    The smallest cargo damage possible;
•    Communication with cargo shippers;
•    Fast and precise provision of information regarding the location of cargo;
•    The delivery of cargo from door to door. In case there is a need, it can be done using machinery with lifts and in the time required.
•    The provision of additional cargo insurance.
The delivery time is reduced from 48 to 24 hours!



The largest exporting country which has a border with Lithuania, so, as a matter of fact, the most relevant factors are considered to be time and price.
•    When collecting cargoes in Poland, we can ensure both the fast collection and direct delivery as different means of motor vehicles are used.
•    We also offer an opportunity, if personally agreed, to deliver cargo in 24 hours.
•    In case there is a need, we can deliver the cargo to the customer by a car with a lift both in Kaunas and in Vilnius.
•    In addition, we carry cargoes from Poland with export declarations, needed for Eastern Europe.
•    For the collection of cargoes several motor vehicles are used; therefore, fast collection can be guaranteed in any region of Poland.



Slovakia is the country of the central Europe, which has highly developed industry and export. We have been actively working with this country for many years.
•    Every week we collect partial cargoes in the entire Slovakia.
•    We do not draw limits to transportation Slovakia – Lithuania and can offer the delivery of freights to other Baltic countries as well.
•    We carefully follow the cargo from its loading to delivering. What is more, we solve any related problems effectively and professionally.
•    Since we have Slovak partners in Bratislava and Kosice, we can transport even very small cargoes.
•    The collection of cargoes from shippers takes approximately 12 hours (in the entire country). Loading using machinery with lifts is also possible.
Referring to the fact that the flow of cargoes is constantly growing, we can offer the best delivery time and competitive prices which fully meet the real market situation.


Netherlands, Belgium

•    We collect partial cargoes from Netherlands and Belgium 7 days per week (from 1 palettes to 33 palettes).
•    The delivery takes from 2 to 5 days.
•    Cargoes are collected straight to motor vehicles, so both the delivery time and risk of damage is lower.
•    We always gather information regarding the location of the cargo. Additively, we communicate only with reliable carrier partners, offer solutions for individual cases and flexible prices.
•    It is also possible to transport small cargoes (up to 3 pallets or 1 ton) in 1 or 2 days.



•    We collect small cargoes (from 1 kg to 5 t) from any part of this country and transport them in motor vehicles. If needed, the customer can receive an export declaration.
•    Cargo, the weight of which is 5 t or more, is collected by tent semi-trailers and cubic motor vehicles (up to 3 m high).
•    We departure 2 times per week: on Tuesdays and Fridays; whereas return on Thursdays/Fridays and Mondays/Tuesdays respectively.
•    Your suppliers can bring cargoes to the warehouses of our partners in Hungary (Budapest). Therefore, the delivery costs will be reduced.
•    Cargoes in Lithuania are taken to customers by cars with lifts.
We will always find the best transport solution for you! Our company has flexible prices, credible terms and ability to ensure the safety of your cargo!


Czech Republic

Each and every week we collect various-sized partial cargoes in every part of the Czech Republic.
We can offer:
•    Extremely low prices for small cargoes (from 3 pll, 900 kg).
•    Cargo pick-up from the outermost regions of the Czech Republic – since we have partners in 3 cities (Prague, Brno, Karvina) of this country, it will take maximum 12 hours.
•    Fast minibus delivery of cargoes (5 pll 2000 kg) in 2–4 days to any part of Lithuania.
•    Transportation of cargoes to all the Baltic States.
•    Additional insurance for expensive cargoes (if needed).
•    Timely information on the location of your cargo.
•    Less worries for you, since we contact and deal with shippers by ourselves (regarding the loading and other issues).


Italy, Spain, France

•    Constant collection of partial cargoes in the largest countries of the European Union: Italy, France and Spain.
•    The highest quality of service is guaranteed by the wide network of partners in these countries. Terminals are located in strategically convenient places so we can ensure a reliable and fast collection as well as transportation of cargoes.
•    The specifics of our work flexibility gained us the name of a reliable, operative and responsible company, whereas the constantly growing number of customers required not only to maintain it, but also to develop.
•    We are always ready to answer all your questions, provide the best solution possible as well as to transport cargo safely and in time – for the best price at all times.
•    In case there is a need, a cargo can be picked-up from any place of Italy (extra pick-up from 2,3,4 regions). Cargoes are picked-up on Mondays/Tuesdays and delivered on Friday of the same week. For extremely valuable cargoes we offer additional insurance and warehousing services – under the most favourable conditions.


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