Transeurinos grupė

About us

UAB Transeurinos grupė has started its activities in 2003. This year the company celebrates its 13th anniversary.
It is a fast growing Lithuanian company, the authorized capital of which amounts for 60 000 eur. Since the very beginning of the company, it specialises on the transportation of small and partial cargo by land, provision of qualified service and accurate information regarding the movement of cargo starting from its loading and ending with delivery to the customer.

The core objective of UAB Transeurinos grupė is to become the leading company in international logistics and cargo forwarding market. Already eight years in a row, UAB Transeurinos grupė falls under the category of the top ten logistics companies.

Thanks to our wide terminal network in the entire Europe (Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and etc.), we can guarantee the best quality of partial cargo transportation.
Our qualified team members offer the best service not only for the customers of the company but also rapidly increasing sales.
We aim at ensuring our employees to feel comfortable and eager to improve. Relations within the company are based on trust, awareness and respect for colleagues.

The great majority of companies represent UAB Transeurinos grupė as the main partners in logistics. There is no doubt that it is the best assessment possible.

Our values:
Long-term partnership, professionalism, experience, reliability and flexibility.

We offer:
Fast cargo delivery from the warehouses of shippers to the address of the customer.
Warehousing services in modern logistics centres located in Vilnius and Kaunas.
With regards to the wish and the need of the customer we will set a customized price list for every client.
Reliable and timely information on cargo movement.
Every-day cargo collection and regular departures from terminals.

Cargo insurance:
UAB Transeurinos grupė has an insurance against civil liability. We also offer extremely favourable prices for the full insurance of very expensive cargos.  

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